Food and bev - The Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Reserve


    The Peninsula stands in the heart of the Reserve. Protruding into the lake, it is a choice spot for visitors to rest and entertain themselves. To meet their needs, the Reserve arranges a specialty shopping center here.

    All kinds of food, including snacks, barbecue, and farm dishes, are available and they are inexpensive.

    Barbecue varieties: roast lamb, gigot, kebab, cattle tendon and sinew, chicken wing, reservoir fish, little fish, and corn.

    Carefree Teahouse: Here, you can enjoy various teas made with local spring water, including the big-bowl tea, scented teas, green teas, and Maojian, Longjing, Kuding, and milky teas. Meanwhile, the Peninsula Shopping Center provides visitors with cold drinks, pot foods, camera films, batteries, fishing gears, and souvenirs.