Manage - The Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Reserve


       Management of the Beijing Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tourist Development Co., Ltd.

    The Beijing Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tourist Development Co., Ltd. has a management composed of six departments and one office, namely Company OfficeF, inance Department, Marketing Department, Operation Department,Department of Planning and Development,  Security Department, Administrative and Logistic Department .

Company Office
    The Company Office handles the Company's administrative affairs, secretarial routines, and labor-management relations. A hub in the Company's management, the Office coordinates the operation of the Company's different departments, links the management with the lower levels, and acts as a competent advisor and assistant to leaders of the Company. It attaches great importance to the Company's moral quality upgrading, arranges spare-time cultural activities for the staff members, and tries its best to create a willing team-work spirit within the Company.

Finance Department   
    The Finance Department is responsible for managing the Company's capitals and working out its fund use plan, financial budget and final statements, cost plan, and so on. It also works out monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, reports the Company's financial situation and operational results to its upper levels, and forecasts, controls, analyzes, and summarizes the Company's financial situation and fund uses.

Marketing Department
    The Marketing Department is responsible for carrying out a series of well-targeted and well-choreographed activities in planning, publicizing, and marketing. It is also its job to establish an effective marketing network to upgrade the Reserve's popularity and find new tourist market for the Company. Meanwhile, the Department should conduct active market investigation, keep abreast with the tourist market, and operates the Reserve in a regular and efficient manner in accordance with the market rules.

Operation Department
     The Operation Department is responsible for operating and managing all the entertainment items in the Reserve. It carries out regular servicing and maintenance for the entertainment facilities and works out an emergency scheme to guarantee visitors' overwater safety. It dispatches dusters to keep the Reserve clean twenty-four seven. It is also responsible for contracting with goods sellers, food and beverage dealers, and hotel runners and regulating their operation within the Reserve.

Department of Planning and Development
    The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for the Reserve's construction planning, project development, and engineering construction. It will, in accordance with the Company's overall planning, work out the annual project construction plan and budget and handle all the formalities for project construction. It is also its job to contact those departments on planning, design, construction, supervision, and quality control and keep an effective communication with them. Meanwhile, the Department is in charge of the Reserve's landscaping.

Security Department
    The Security Department is responsible for guarding the Company and the Reserve against illegal and criminal acts, fire, and other harmful incidents. Its personnel include ticket-takers, entrance guards, parking-lot attendants, and some others. The Security Department keeps order within the Reserve, timely removes hidden perils, and prevents accidents from happening. Its goal is the safety and security of the Reserve properties and facilities and that of the visitors.

Administrative and Logistic Department
    The Administrative and Logistic Department is responsible for the Company's overall material management and allocation. It is required to provide a good logistic support for the Company's smooth operation. It serves and maintains the Company's and the Reserve's water, electricity, gas, and heating facilities. Its responsibilities also include the running of the Company's canteen and dormitory, vehicle arrangement, hygiene, and allocation of labor protection articles.