Routes to the Reserve - The Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Reserve

  For motorists  

Route one: Beijing-Chengde Highway --- Get off the Highway at Beitai Road (12th Outlet), turn left at the third traffic light, head toward Jiuduhe and follow the road signs on the way.

Route two: Litang Road --- Asian Games Village, Lishui Bridge, Daliushu Traffic Island, then drive toward Shangzhuang of Changping until arriving at Xingshou Town, and then toward Jiuduhe. From the Jiuduhe Filling Station, follow the road signs.

Route three: Badaling Highway --- Drive onto the Badaling Highway at Madian Bridge, get off at Changping “Xiguan Traffic Island” and drive toward the Thirteen Imperial Mausoleums, turn right at Changling Crossing and head toward Jiuduhe (Heishan Stockaded Village), go straight ahead until arriving at a T-crossing, turn left here, get to the Jiuduhe Filling Station, then follow the road signs.

Route four: Jingshun Road --- Jingmi Road, Huairou Temple Town, then head westward to Shichang Traffic Island [or drive westward from Yingbing Traffic Island of Huairou District to Shichang Traffic Island], keep driving westward for 35 kilometers by following the road signs, pass Qiaozi, Qizhuang, Yiduhe, Huangkan, Jiuduhe, and then follow the road signs.


  For bus riders  

Route one: Take Bus 916 at Dongzhimen to Huairou “Pearl Square” (11 yuan for air-conditioning bus and six yuan for ordinary bus), then transfer to “Huairou-Lakeside Great Wall (Xishuiyu)” Bus (fare: 5.5 yuan)

Route two: Take “Changping-Jiuduhe” Bus at Changping Coach Bus Station or Changping Changling Crossing to the Jiuduhe Filling Station (fare: five yuan), then transfer to “Huairou-Lakeside Great Wall (Xishuiyu)” Bus (blue minibus) (fare 2.5 yuan)